Thank you for tapping the Customer Service page of our site. We know that you want to learn more about our bank and we are pleasured to know that our BMO captured your interest in banking. Here are the top questions of the customers in our file.

Q. After registering to your account, I do not how to deposit money to my account. Can you advise me on this?

A. To set up direct deposit to your account at BMO, please fill out the form required for that matter. You can fill out here on the website the form or visit the nearest BMO in your area.

Q. What are my options if I can’t afford my loan or credit card payment?

A.  Great question! The first step you need to do is to not be afraid to ask our bank teller. Then you will need to fill out the application and send it back to us along with verification of your income. At BMO, there are many different options depending on the type of loan you want to have. After that, we will review your situation to determine if you are qualified to provide the solution that best suits your circumstances. You can also complete the online application to apply and send it to us.

Q. Where and how can I give my feedback or report my concern with BMO?

A. We welcome and we love to hear your feedback. For your suggestions or concerns with your account or your experience with BMO, you can contact us through phone by visiting the BMO nearest you or by sending a letter to us. Customer service is open from Mondays to Saturdays.

Q. What are the acceptable forms of identification to open new accounts at BMO?

A. BMO accepts an identification card issued by the local government of Florida as part of acceptable identification to open new accounts. We also accept a birth certificate, passport, and proof of identity which includes a driver’s license and a voter’s registration card.